Editor-Ayesha Shoulders

Meet Ayesha Shoulders-Owner

Ayesha is passionate about editing written work. She has a Bachelor of Science in General Business and Management Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration. She actively blogs at ISurrender2Jesus.com and has two published books – women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Ayesha has worked as a technical editor in various roles in federal government contracting since 2007, ensuring quality documentation is always accessible for her customers. With her experience, she is equipped with the skills to provide her clients with boutique-style services.

Additionally, Ayesha’s passion for writing and love for transforming materials from adequate to exemplary has birthed the launch of 4 Eyez Ink Editorial Services, LLC. Even in a text message, she checks to make sure the “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, so you can trust her attention to detail for your writing needs. When two creative minds come together, magic can happen. Ayesha and her editing team look forward to partnering with you and being the extra set of “eyes” in your next writing endeavor.